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treeDiM is a CAD and PLM* software editor for design packaging and pos/display. Picador, the CAD software, is used in 55 countries by over 4500 users (packaging manufacturers, digital printers, industrial users or trademark companies, designers).  PLMPack, the collaborative platform, is used worldwide by over 15.000 users.

Our innovative project for a collaborative ecodesign platform  PLM Pack provides many software modules like : PackLIB, a set of libraries of parametric packaging models.  StackBuilder, for palletizing, case packing, and truck loading optimization.  PackStress to calculate packing and stacking resistance.

"Our goal is to provide software tools adapted to the needs of all players in the packaging chain and enable collaboration for the development of eco-designed packaging system while reducing time-to-market"

*PLM : Product Lifecycle Management 

Augmented Reality with Picador 3D

Augment it ! with Picador 3D
Augmented Reality with Picador v6 and the AUGMENT platform.


In cooperation with the startup AUGMENT, treeDiM provides all Picador users a solution of Augmented Reality. 
Create your 3D model with Picador and automatically generate a QRCode to present your packaging or POS on its actual location client. Using a tablet or smartphone (iPad / iPhone or Android), view and manipulate your 3D model in the scene you're shooting.



Visualize your packaging in 3D on supermarket shelves

The new version of PICADOR allows you to view the impact of your packaging on shelf.

Simulate the impact of your packaging and create multiple layout variations.

Associated with the Reality Augmented export, this new function provide an efficient tool for design and marketing.