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treeDiM is a CAD and PLM* software editor for design packaging and pos/display. Picador, the CAD software, is used in 55 countries by over 4500 users (packaging manufacturers, digital printers, industrial users or trademark companies, designers).  PLMPack, the collaborative platform, is used worldwide by over 15.000 users.

Our innovative project for a collaborative ecodesign platform  PLM Pack provides many software modules like : PackLIB, a set of libraries of parametric packaging models.  StackBuilder, for palletizing, case packing, and truck loading optimization.  PackStress to calculate packing and stacking resistance.

"Our goal is to provide software tools adapted to the needs of all players in the packaging chain and enable collaboration for the development of eco-designed packaging system while reducing time-to-market"

*PLM : Product Lifecycle Management 

NEWs 2019

samsung acquires 5 licenses of Picador© software (March 5, 2019).

This acquisition in Korea by Samsung Electronics confirms the relevance of the solutions proposed by treeDiM in terms of packaging design but especially optimization of the packaging system.
Samsung announced a few weeks ago that it would gradually use recycled or bio-degradable materials for the packaging of all its products and, this year, change its smartphone packaging and opt for recycled paper and paperboard. (samsung global newsroom)
This new industrial reference reinforces the innovative approach proposed by treeDiM for several years by combining its CAD software Picador with its PLMPack eco-design collaborative platform.
samsung pack

treeDiM - Klee3D partnership

TreeDiM innovates with KLEE3D in Retail 3D and Point of sale Theatralization.
Packlib plv 01In partnership with Klee3D, the new version of Picador includes an innovative solution for immersive 3D viewing, theatralization and shop layout of your pos/display designs, packaging and  in the point of sale in virtual reality.
TreeDiM softwares are dedicaded both to packaging or pos/display designers as graphics and print professionals but also to industrial users of packaging and POS. 
This innovative solution brings together all technicals , sales and marketing players for the finalization of a packaging or a POS.

PICADOR 8 - available to dowload

The new version 8 of Picador brings many new or improved features for structural design of packaging and pos/display (2D , 3D), for fast protypage on cutting tables and digital printers and for the optimization of global packaging system  (eco-design, packing, logistics)

picador8 1

Many new features are further improved Picador 8:
     - The 3D part assembly system has been redesigned , it has never been so simple and fast.
     - Many models have been added in PackLib (packaging, display counter, POS)
     - A clearer 2D interface with new tools to facilitate structural design.
     - Parametric Module simpler and more powerful.
     - The inclusion of new features for cutting (camera, Vcut, optimization)
     - The enhanced palletising module with new optimization and configuration functions.

With 8 Picador, we place ourselves as a partner for your success in the packaging value chain, from creation and design.
We hope you are as excited as we are to use this new version.

Video Presentation


Video made in collaboration with CANON France giving an overview of structural design and prototyping 2D/3D using the Picador software and integration into the print & cut digital workflow  with a flatbed printer Océ Arizona 480GT and a cutting plotter ZUND G3.