treeDiM is an independant CAD and PLM software editor for packaging and POS market. treeDiM  provides a full range of solutions dedicated to packaging design and also to optimize and improve the productivity of all your process in packaging production or packaging purchase.  

PICADOR is the reference software for structural design of cardboard packaging: CAD design, packaging 2D draft,  3D animation folding, assembly and print 3D presentation, control of cutting tables, nesting and step and repeat...

PLM PACK is the first dedicated platform to optimization and eco-design of packaging systems. Library of standard (ECMA, FEFCO, packaging, POS ...) Module palletizing logistics optimization, materials strength simulation.


CAD software for packaging work :

A full range of CAD modules for packaging and POS cardboard design,(structural design, parametric design, automatic 3D folding, technical instructions, 3D virtual model (3D PDF, 3D assembly, augmented reality, html5), driving cutting tables for prototype or production,  libraries of standard (Ecma Fefco, POS, ...), , nesting/layout optimization,  components integrated for ERP / PMS (Active X,. NET, XML).

                                                                     module icone

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Collaborative Platform for optimization and eco-design of packaging systems: 

Eco-Design framework R&D project : a software components collaborative platform taking into account the constraints of the packaging chain : material selection, convergence contents/container, numerical simulation, palletizing, logistics, mechanization, valorisation of point of sale.

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