Palletizing boxes

Optimizing the palletisation

Define the box :


Select the pallet :


Define the analysis parameters :

analyse 1

Select the solution you want:

analyse 2

When you have selected the analysis, a bulb marker appears in the tree left of the software window. By right-clicking it, you can generate the analysis report, perform BCT calculation, or save this in your palletizing Database can be used again later.


Palletizing cylinder or bundle of boxes

To achieve a pallet with pads or cylinders, the principle is the same, only the icons change:


StackBuilder : User Guide

Along this page, you will learn to use the main aspects of StackBuilder.
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Start by creating a new project in StackBuilder


Optimizing packing

Optimization box/case ou primary/secondary packaging

Define a sleeve or primary packaging :


Define a case or secondary packaging :


Set the parameter of the analysis :

analyse 3

Select your solution:

analyse 4


Gererate a palletization report

Generate the report of the analysis

After you have selected a solution from your analysis, do a right clic on the solution icon into the tree : solution1

Then, you have the choice to generate a .html report or a .doc report using Microsoft Word.

analyse 2

PLM Stackbuilder rapport

Create the database of solution

Save your solution into the database

After difining the parameter of the analysis, select your solution, a bulb icon appear solution1, representing your choosen solution. right clic on the icon and select: " save into the data base ".

analyse 2


Solutions are listed in defferent category regarding : the palette size, the maximum height of the solution and the overhang.

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