Ending function or action

Mouse Left button clic ---> stop action or exit function (like escape key)

escape left

Direct Connector to the retail 3D software KLEE3D

- Integrate your 3D packagings or POS to a virtual store with ease. Direct export to Klee3D library from Picador3D.

picador klee3D


- Redesign of tools icons, in order to improve coherence and make interface and navigation more instinctive.

new icone2D

- News Post-processeur to drive cutting tables such as SUMMA , iECHO, OXF (OptiScout).

new pp

- Customization of PackLIB for ZUND, SUMMA, ARISTO. Direct send to the plotter a rezized model with optimization toolpath.

packlib pp

- New managment of Group and Layer. Possibility to name, rename, delete them.

group layer

- Improvement of the assembly process in Picador3D, it is now possible to grap object, to do direct manipulation, rotation and assembling.


- Reload 2D files in Picador3D.


- Add 3D dimensions in Picador3D to measure inside or outside a box, and space between elements.

picador3D Dimensions

- Picador3D , can now export .FBX files, perfect for integrate into other 3D application (3ds max, cinema 4D...).

- Share your 3D creation on Picador 3D provide a direct export to your sketchfab account (free).