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   Standard model libraries :

PackLib is a software for managing and operating 2D, 3D and parametric packaging and POS libraries.
Designed for the optimization of packaging design, the PackLib platform includes many services:

  • Graphic navigation
  • Standards Libraries
  • Intra-company exchange platform
  • Animated 3D visualizations
  • Parametric resizing
  • Downloading models (Packaging, POS, PAV, etc ...)
  • Imposition / nesting
  • Help with cost estimation
  • palletization
  • Export DXF, CF2, DES, PDF, AI, Picador3D


  • Sizing parameters Length x Width x Height.
  • Take into account the thickness of the cardboard or the corrugated board profile to adapt the design.
  • Parametric plane including detailed views on the sub-elements (glue tab, automatic background ...).
  • 3D PDF visualization.

 PLM PackLib étuis paramétrique plan CAO standard emballage cartonPLMPacklib 3d plv présentoir picador modèle paramétrique strandard


We find the main packaging standards: FEFCO (corrugated cardboard), ECMA (compact cardboard) as well as a library of POS displays.

PLM Packlib fefco FEFCO PICADOR standards carton ondulé    PLMPacklib fefco FEFCO 200 caisse américaine Picador

PLMPacklib ecma ECMA standards carton étuis boite    PLMPacklib ecma étuis picador standards

 PLMPacklib plv picador modèle standards présentoir    PLMPacklib plv présentoir 3D picador pdf

Download or updates libraries:

The software includes an interface for downloading new parametric model libraries,
as well as updating existing libraries.

Create your own parametric models:

You have the option to transform an existing plan into a parametric standard.
Use Picador's "Settings" toolbar to set the parameters to change.
Then you just have to add the template to your PackLib database.
You can intuitively create your own professional library. You will gain precision while saving hours of work.


Innovative design module : the Smart Assembly

As part of our R & D, we have developed the Smart Assembly, a module in which you combine the elements directly to build your packaging.
A principle close to building bricks, suitable for packaging: designing has never been so accessible.

Smart Assembly packaging design

This global approach to packaging design is centered on its functionalities and end uses, with the aim of optimizing the packaging within the life cycle (PLM) of a packaging system.

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