Intéraction entre Stackbuilder et le logiciel Picador
Palletisation de caisse à plat

StackBuilder is a free software for packaging palletization and packing optimisation.

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PLMPack StackBuilder
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StackBuilder is free software, to design and optimize the packing (Articles / case), palletizing (box / pallet) and shipping items (pallets / truck).

StackBuilder developed in open source to allow the widest possible dissemination and create a community of contributors for software development or enrichment of content.

It is a simple software to learn, allowing you to move forward with a global vision of the supply chain of your packaging.
StackBuilder has many features to meet your needs:

  • Case Palletization
  • Packing optimisation Article/Box
  • Calculate the optimal packaging system: article/box/pallet
  • Search for the optimal packing solutions in your Database of boxes solutions 
  • Cylinders palletization
  • Bundles palletization
  • Add interlayers, corners, film,cap
  • Databases of boxes solutions
  • Filing truck
  • Analysis reports
  • BCT calculation

With PLMPack platform StackBuilder fully integrates the Picador software for packaging design, packaging, display, POS ...


StackBuilder est le  composant de la plateforme Opensource PLMPack dédié à l’optimisation logistique. Optimisation de l'encaissage, de la palettisation et du chargement camion grâce à StackBuilder, le logiciel d'optimisation de regroupement.

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