V10 Direct to PDF

Create a Pdf file directly while preserving images and fonts.
Créer directement un fichier Pdf en conservant les images et les polices de caratères.
Crea un archivo Pdf directamente conservando imágenes y fuentes.

v10 direct2pdf

V10 Picador 2D Layout

New version of the Layout Optimizer.
Allow rotation items in both direction in the remaining space. 

v10 layout

V10 Picador 3D

Multi Assembling in new version of Picador 3D.
Control thickness and folding angle before the automatic folding.

v10 picador3d

V10 PackLib Azure Cloud

PackLib V10 dabase can be hosted on Azure cloud.

The common database (Fefco, Ecma, ...) upgraded automatically and always available.
By creating account and groups you can share your projects with your team, your partners or providers.
Video : creation of an account and share a project (DEMO) from another user.
packlib azure reg