PICADOR : Guía de comienzo

The start guide designed to help new users to handle the basics of the software.

Picador installation:

The installation can be started from the CD or the downloaded program: www.treedim.com
The serial number that is required at the installation procedure is noted on your order

installation de Picador, demande de numéro de sérieinstallation de Picador, demande de numéro de série









Then, follow the instructions normally until the end of the procedure.

Picador activation:

Picador requires activation to operate. When launching the application, complete the activation key request form. 
Then send it to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

installation de Picador, demande de clé d'activationThe activation key is sent after checking the validitée the Picador license. Copy the key in the fields, then click the "ok" button 
installation de Picador, validation de la clé d'activation 
Picador is now activate on your computer.

Picador different modules:

Présentation des modèles 
icone Picador Géométrie

Picador geometry for plan drawing and design of packaging cartons. In addition to conventional 2D drawing tools, Picador features many dedicated tools for packaging design. A catalog management, setting technical specifications, taxation / Nesting, Import / Export ...

icone Picador pliage 3D

Picador 3D is a powerful and easy to use software that will allow you to set volume your 2D plan. Creating 3D folding, textured Packaging, 3D PDF export ...

icone Picador gestion de table de découpe

The cutting module adapts to control all market cutting tables: ZUND, ARISTO, DATA TECHNOLOGY, ELCEDE, KONGSBERG, LASERCOMB, SEI, WILD, Graphtec, iECHO, MIMAKI, MECANUMERIC ...

icone Picador standards d'emballage

Very complete catalogs of packaging and POS models to resize. FEFCO, ECMA, corrugated cardboard packaging, packaging. New design parametric models directly into PICADOR, and you have the ability to create your own professional library.

icone Picador palettisation

A palletizing module to optimize the design of packaging. Many features dedicated to logistics optimization: Palletizing funds, Filling Cases / Case, Search Optimal cash: cases / packaging, secondary / pallet Palletizing bundles (cases or case flat), Palletizing cylinders Added 'infill, cap, protective film, angles ...

Geometry (the basics of CAD drawing with Picador)

This part is dedicated to basic drawing features with Picador Geometry. For more information compète please read the User Guide Geometry Picador.


All the functions and drawing tools are grouped in the form of icons in toolbars. Which are posted around the software window. To keep a clear interfaces, all toolbars are not visible in permanence. The display list of toolbars and available by right clicking in the toolbar area.Picador barres d'outils


The point selection:

To construct a geometry using functions Segments 2 points icone Picador segment 2 points or Continuous segments icone Picador segment en continu it is essential to always select accurately points. There are several methods that must be mastered: 

1 - Selection of the point with just a click when a hooking assistant is visible sides of the mouse cursor:

accrochage à l'extremité

The point of attachment is the extremity of a segment or arc


accrochage au milieu

The attachment point is the midpoint of a segment



accrochage à l'intersection

The attachment point is the intersection of two segments or construction lines ...

accrochage à l'extremitéaccrochage au milieu

2 - directly by right clicking on an entity (segement, bow or right), it is possible to select a snap point of that entity:

Picador assistant d'aide au dessin 

3 - By seized coordinated the points. Defined by the position of the point on the X axis and Y

Picador assistant d'aide au dessin

LWhen a coordinated is defined in relative terms (by adding "R" or "r" before the value), it is defined from the previous anchor point.

Picador assistant d'aide au dessin







The rules selection:

liste des filets

The vast majority of designs made with respect Picador plans of packaging or cardboard displays. The plan, which are drawn with Picador represent the packaging design, but also tooling plan, then we can talk about cutting plan. The pens of different colors directly define rules that will be used on the cutting tools.





The construction lines: icone Picador droite horizontaleicone Picador droite verticaleicone Picador droite parallèleicone Picador droite oblique

Once in place, the "construction lines" or "guides" create attachment points to build the geometry



To move in the document, use the arrow on the keyboard.naviagation dans le document

To Zoom forward and backward, use the mouse wheel.zoom dans le document 
Tip: reframes the zooms to the cursor position, point the area to be detailed

Use the Z key to key recardrer drawing in the center of the page.recadrer le dessin dans le document

3D Folding


Transfer of 2D drawings to 3D Picador

lien pliage 3D

When the 2D plane is sufficiently completed, it is possible to realize a 3D folding prototype. 
This requires the plan to transfer Picador 3D, using the "Create 3D folding" function in the Picador Geometry toolbar. 
New Picador 3D window opens, the plan is displayed.

Picador 3D

Create a 3D folding

Picador 3D

Transfomer the (now displayed in 3D Picador) by folding, by using the function: "Create a new foldable solid" 
         A window appears, enter the name of the object (bottom, cover, box ...), then confirm.

Picador 3DPicador 3D

It must then click on the side of folding which will remain fixed (reference face) to create the fold:

Picador 3D


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