Collaborative Platform for optimization and eco-design of packaging systems: 

PLMPack is a PLM software components platform (Product Lifecycle Management) for optimization and eco-design packaging systems
Each software component can be used independently, but their association within the platform allows to search through the choice of materials, types of packaging (conditioning or transport), and stacking optimization (packing, palletizing, truck loading) an optimized solution of the packaging system and automatically get a report of eco-design with all the technical documents (packaging drawings, packing, palletizing, loading document, bill of material,..).

This platform is innovative because it is the only provider of software to design the entire packaging system : 
- choice of material with PackStress for calculating resistance,
- choice and resize of primary and secondary packaging with PackLib, the parametric library of standards,
- optimization of packing, palletising and loading truck with StackBuilder, the optimization software combination..
The platform is developed in Open Source to allow the widest possible dissemination and create a community of contributors to software development and content enrichment.



Select a module for more informations:                  

 PLMPackLib title

Libraries of parametric packagings and

POS displays

PLMPackLib miniat

  PLMStackbuilder title

Logistic optimization, palletizing, 

packing and  truck loading.

 PLMstackBuilder miniat


    PLMPackStress title

PLM Packstress is a calculation module

 for BCT and material resistances .


      PLMPackstress miniat