What comes with a premium account of PLMPack StackBuilder?

Feature list: 

FeatureFree accountPremium account
Homogeneous case/pallet analysis Yes Yes
Homogeneous box/case analysis Yes Yes
Homogeneous case/truck analysis Yes Yes
Homogeneous pallet/truck analysis Yes Yes
Heterogeneous case/pallet analysis Yes Yes
Heterogeneous case/truck analysis Yes Yes
Manual editing of case positions in a homogeneous layer. No Yes
Horizontal cylinders palletization/truck loading. No Yes
Definition of bottle shaped items. No Yes
Half and quarter pallet analyses No Yes
Excel sheet mass calculation Only first 10 lines processed +10000 lines
Sharing the database between users. 1 account.


5 accounts

All your team accounts can share the same database


1 year2 years3 years
360€ 500€ 700€


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